Decade of Family will continue our efforts in learning and listening to needs in our upcoming events. Gather together with us at upcoming sessions to discuss the following topics. 

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Supporting Families Through Schools and Youth

Business working with Schools • Churches working with Schools • Juveniles and Incarceration • Mentoring • Non-profits working with Schools • School Church Relationship Teen Pregnancy

supporting families through schools and youth

Supporting Parents and Caregivers

Funding and Family Engagement • Generational Poverty • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren • Marriage and Family Strengthening • Mental Health/Substance Abuse • Parenting/Fatherhood

supporting parents and caregivers

Generational Poverty

Generational Poverty • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren • Relational Wellness • Transportation and Poverty

generational poverty

Community Grassroots Resources

Anger Management • Domestic Violence

Mental Health/Substance Abuse • Relational Wellness

community grassroots resources

Grassroots Collaboration and the Power of Connection

Collaborative Philanthropy • Deep Partnerships/ “Power of Collective Impact” • Increasing ROI in Philanthropy • Mobilizing Community Movements • Non-Profit Collaborations • 

The Power of Connections: Supporting Non-Profit Leaders Through Relationships

grassroots connection and the power of collaboration

Businesses and Family Engagement

Apprenticeship Training & Second Chance Employment • Business & Mentoring • Business Literacy • Employment/Housing • Family Engagement in Realm Non-Profit Leadership • Mission & Purpose in the Workplace • Role Businesses Play in Supporting Families •

The Power of Connections: Supporting Non-Profit Leaders Through Relationships

businesses and family engagement

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