2430 Freedom Dr,

San Antonio, TX 78217


The mission of Decade of Family is to help every family thrive in a productive, positive manner by serving as a resource for connection, communication, restoration, and hope.​​


Hearts. Hands. Help.


Decade of Family movement’s mission is to engage more of our community with those serving those in need, equip those with a heart to serve families with skills, training, perspective to help infuse their outreach efforts with confidence, and continue to help mobilize or community those that care to serve families in powerful ways.



We are looking for partners to join us on this mission!

We are linking arms with business professionals, government officials, faith community leaders, donors, educators, healthcare specialists, nonprofit administrators, and individuals/families across the city.


Please join us as we strive to impact lives for the greater good, working together to make our city stronger one family at a time.

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